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Almond Edition Bundle

Save when you purchase our Almond Edition Bundle! The bundle is a great investment for saving money on shipping costs and an interrupted maintenance routine/rehabilitation phase. With our Almond Oil Edition you'll get a boost of magnesium which is great for optimal growth. We increase the presence of our therapeutic grade Jamaican Black Castor oil creating a deeply penetrating moisturizing experience ideal for damaged hair rehabilitation. Our Crown Growth Almond Edition operates as a master sealant making it an expert level aid for moisture retention.This formula is designed to target problem areas, reverse dryness and heal damaged scalp; which is conducive to healthier and stronger hair. We recommend this formula for moderate to severely dry and damaged hair. Because we add liquid zinc to our formula, we advise you shake well before use.Uses:•Scalp massage •Deep Conditioning Treatment •Hot Oil Treatment •Pre-Poo Treatment•Master Sealant•Hair Food
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