The Secret to Curl Definition

Curl definition is the driving force behind styling product sales. From mousse to gel, curl definition is almost just as important as hair health in the current climate of the world of natural hair. But I am going to take a healthy hair approach to curl definition and explain the secret to attaining curl definition on a consistent basis. Let's first start with some common hair issues that create road blocks on the path to defined curls:

  1. Frizz

  2. Dryness

  3. Product team

With frizz, there could be a few factors that contribute this stubborn phenomenon. Split ends and excessive manipulation are a couple. Consult with your stylist to create a schedule for which you keep your ends trimmed. I would recommend dusting those ends on a quarterly basis but you and your stylist have more insight on what trimming schedule your hair requires. I'm not saying protective style for the rest of your life, I am saying that styling your hair on an excessive basis will contribute to frizz, more product use, more product buildup, more wash days. Who wants that life? The secret to curl definition will significantly reduce frizz making way for glorious curl definition.

Dryness is literally the culprit for 90% of common hair issues. From brittleness to breakage, dryness will make it next to impossible to achieve curl definition. Keeping your water intake consistent and optimal gives you a head start. I would also recommend a regular biweekly deep conditioning and weekly prepoo with Crown Growth Oil routine. These maintenance treatments have incredible benefits to promoting moisture-protein balance. Pair this with secret to curl definition and you'll be curled up in no time!

Lastly, when it comes to a solid product team that works for your hair profile things can be tricky. All natural products are the go-to because your scalp and hair will absorb the product easier without a high probability of irritation and/or buildup. Quality products are going to yield more results. I recently posted a video showing the difference between two conditioners on my hair and the curl definition was dramatically different. It is important to keep looking until you find a product team that gives you the realistic results that you are looking for. The secret to curl definition really helps to optimize product absorption so instead of weighing your curls down you get moisturized bounce!

So what is the secret to curl definition? It's a technique that I use regularly when styling or for maintenance. Massage your hair. Yes, massage your hair. When applying product to your hair give your shaft a nice massage just the way you would when applying lotion to your skin. Not only will you be training your hair to smooth down, reducing frizz, but the heat from the friction will open your cuticles enough for product absorption. This is a WIN-WIN and it GETS BETTER! Massaging your hair when you condition, prepoo or style also promotes even product distribution and TRAINS YOUR CURLS! I will massage my product into my hair until my curls begin to form together in unison, this is a telltale sign that the product is absorbed and the hair shaft is completely smooth. Try this technique and tell us how you LOVE it!


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