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Loc care is my most favorite to discuss because I am such a big fan of the journey. My mother is a loc'd queen and one day I will start my journey as well. This article will give you three best practices for keeping your locs healthy and moisturized. But first let me share with you a little bit of history on locs. From my own research, I have found that locs have various beginnings throughout history; from 500 B.C. in Africa or even 1800 BC in India. They have been worn by African warriors and Rastafari in Jamaica. They are also considered protective styles in the afro textured hair community. I found a very interesting article on this amazing history here.

Essentially, locs are ropes of matted and knotted hair so there is an art to their upkeep. The first best practice I'm going to share is the regular use of loc detoxes. Cleansing/detoxing your locs on a consistent and 8-12 week schedule will prevent your locs from trapping in too much dirt, lint and product residue which will cause buildup otherwise. This should align with your retwist schedule. Scalp health is very important because we want our hair follicles to grow as healthy as possible so keeping your scalp free of buildup will allow an environment conducive of healthy hair growth. A clean scalp will also prevent any irritation or inflammation that could be caused by buildup of dirt and product. Crown Growth Oil used as a prepoo the night before the detox will help breakdown buildup and prep the scalp for cleansing preventing 'stripping' the good oils. When your scalp/hair is stripped it will feel dry and brittle and this can lead to the overproduction of oil causing a cycle of dryness, flaking and inflammation.

The next best practice is keeping your locs moisturized. This can be tricky because again, we don't want to encourage product buildup. I would recommend keeping it simple and straightforward until you learn more about what your hair likes or dislikes. Always start with your porosity level and go from there. So whether you have a low or high porosity level you can retain and maintain a healthy moisture balance. Find a water based leave-in conditioner (preferably a runny liquid you can spray on your locs every 3-4 days), use our Crown Growth Oil to maximize moisture retention and feed your scalp and hair the nutrients that they require. You can also mix Crown Growth Oil with a conditioner that you can use to deep condition your locs on a biweekly basis. Our QMH Hair Care Guides for low and high porosity hair will be very helpful in using these products to achieve maximum moisture retention.

*Actual results of 4 week use of Crown Growth Oil Almond Edition*

Lastly, but not least this best practice is to massage your scalp regularly. This will encourage blood circulation which is so very important in loc care. Because day-to-day care is minimal with locs the scalp isn't stimulated as much. Using our Crown Growth Oil to massage your scalp at least 3 times weekly will not only boost blood circulation but will also get your scalp and roots the nourishment needed for healthy hair growth. I like to recommend scalp massages be done before bed as this is optimizes the blood flow.

Following these best practices will encourage moisturized and healthy locs that will grow and flourish! Thinking about locking your hair? How long have you been loc'd in and moisturized? Comment below!

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