Why Detangling Could be Costing You Inches!

I’ve been wanting to write on this topic for a while now but, time escapes me nowadays. You’re probably wondering how could detangling your hair possible cost you length or in other words, break your hair off? I’m glad, because that’s exactly what I’m about to explain 🙃

Detangling definitely has its benefits. Here are a few

•Decreases knotting and matting

•Easier maintainability

•Encourages growth

B U T if done incorrectly you’ll be escorted to the other side of the spectrum into Breakageland. Here are some common mistakes that occur when detangling your hair:

•Detangling from roots to ends

•Detangling while hair is dry

•using fine-medium tooth comb/paddle brush

•using a utensil to pull through knots

•Detangling while shampooing

•detangling right after braids/twists takedown

All of the above cause breakage and will slow or stunt your hair growth. Detangling from the roots to the ends will encourage knotting only making this process painful and left with a fist full of hair. Starting from the ends and working your way up will not only help decrease knots but minimize hair loss/breakage leaving you with fuller ends. Detangling while your hair is dry is ok if you’re just tackling some big obvious areas but the nitty gritty must be left for the conditioning treatment. Not only does your have more elasticity wet but conditioner acts as a repairing agent adhering it’s duties replenishing moisture and smoothing hair follicles. This is an ideal time to detangle.

I’m not a big fan of utensils but they are useful nonetheless. You just have to know which is best for the job you’re doing. While detangling, I recommend using your fingers. You will be easier on your hair than with a comb or brush being able to tackle a knot strands by strands and not rip it out completely. Fine to medium tooth combs and paddle brushes have too many teeth for this job. You should be able to run your fingers through your hair and that’s sufficient.

Shampooing is meant for cleansing product residue from your roots mainly and hair. Detangling during this process will be tough because shampoos don’t often have any slip and will cause breakage.

So remember to detangle:

•during deep conditioning treatment

•use fingers or wide tooth comb

•start from the ends of each section and work your way up to the roots

Happy detangling! Peace and blessings 🙏🏾


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