• Charlotte C. Louis

The Best Deep Conditioning Treatment EVER!

Updated: Jul 21

Moisture this, moisture THAT! Let’s talk about one of the most important ways to encourage moisture in your hair. BUT FIRST let’s outline the benefits of hair that is properly moisturized:

•Proper amount of elasticity to prevent

breakage •Natural luster/shine •Prevents irritation that could lead to inflammation •Encourages growth and length retention •Allows for better manageability All of these things are EVERYTHING we want for our hair. So let’s jump right into how to achieve maximum moisture with the BEST DEEP CONDITIONING TREATMENT EVER! First, grab a deep conditioning MASQUE. This thick textured conditioning treatment is perfect for curly/coily hair because it’s rich and will last the duration of the treatment. Apply it on freshly cleaned hair. Section your hair in 6-8 sections. Detangle each section leaving it in a twist. Take your time with this part. I once thought I was just ‘getting better’ at it and turns out I was just rushing and did a bit of damage to my ends 🤦🏾‍♀️🙄 Now that you have your twists, apply your Crown Growth oil to your scalp and ends. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Crown Growth has an amazing nutritional value add to this treatment and also encourages moisture retention. Keep in mind your scalp is skin too so protecting it from too much water/moisture will keep it from drying out and that’s exactly what Crown Growth Oil does. When you’re all done, put a plastic cap on and use our Flaxseed Thermal Treatment Cap to wear for at least 30 minutes after having it in the microwave for 60-80 seconds. I personally tie a scarf around the plastic cap just in case I need to run to the store or pick up my son from school. TIMES UP! Remove the plastic cap, unravel your twists and rinse it out with cold water. NOT luke warm, NOT cool, COLD water. *chuckles* Cold water helps preserve the hard work that was just done, keeps your curls defined and aids in moisture retention. You’re going to LOVE the results I’m very confident in that. I can’t wait to hear about how this treatment went for you so be sure to comment and tell us all about it 💜 Peace and blessings....

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