3 Tips To Keep Color Treated Hair Healthy

We have had many questions regarding caring for color treated hair. Coloring your hair is a creative way of expressing yourself and FUN! There are different ways to color your hair and depending on what color will require a particular method/technique. Let's talk about what that looks like first.

Here you see what each strand goes to through after coloring. Our concern lies in 3-5. In bleached hair you want to care for your hair as if it has high porosity. That means if you are use to having low to medium porosity hair things have officially changed. You see how bleach opens the hair open so that it can allow inner strand deposition. You'll notice that if you bleach hair the color will come out closest to it's true pigment (your natural color plays less of a role in what the color will look like). Here are a few tips on how to keep your color treated hair healthy.

1. Utilize the LOC method. On freshly washed and conditioned hair apply a water based leave-in conditioner followed by our Crown Growth oil- Almond Edition and lastly your favorite shea butter/cream. This technique is reigning champ in keeping hair moisturized. This should be repeated every week-2 weeks.

2. Hot oil & deep conditioning treatment combos with Crown Growth Oil- Almond Edition will aid in keeping your hair from drying out. Deep conditioning acts as a repairing system, filling gaps in your strands that were caused by chemical processing. Hot oil treatments will also continue to stimulate growth by providing the nutrients necessary for hair growth and encouraging blood flow. This should be repeated every two weeks or at least monthly.

3. Avoid sulfate shampoos. You want your color to be at it's best and your shampoo will play a huge factor in keeping your hair vibrant. So choose wisely...

We hope this helps Queens! Until next time...

Peace & blessings


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