• Charlotte C. Louis

Worse Than 4C

I never knew why hair was so important to me. When I was 11 years old I politely (desperately) asked my mom to allow me to do my own hair from that point on. I was convinced she’d ruin my life if she continued to attempt to do my hair.

I was going to the 6th grade and approaching pre-teen years. It. Was. Not. Going. To. Happen. To. Me. Thank GOD she said yes. I think we were both relieved really. I have been doing my own hair ever since. She’s been my biggest supporter and is the reason Queen’s Magic Hair even exists. She’s been pushing me since high school to bottle up my formula and 10 years later I finally did. If you know me then you know I HATE the phrase ‘GOOD HAIR’ and even more so ‘BAD HAIR.’ It continues to perpetuate this stereotype that if your hair is coily/kinky it can’t grow long, it’s hard to deal with, and it’s just bad. But hair that is curly/wavy/straight is beautiful, manageable and so good. I learned in the 6th grade that I could grow my hair, that it didn’t have to be a certain texture but most importantly, I learned that healthy hair is the REAL GOOD HAIR.

I was approached recently by a Queen who really wanted to know how to achieve long hair. She asked if my product would ‘just make her hair healthy’ or would it make it grow. If any of you have asked me questions about your hair and Queen’s Magic Hair Growth oil you know I always return with a question. A few of them. I am not here to sell you a dream so I write these blogs to help you in your quest for healthier hair. I want you to have the resources that this product was able to thrive with. So you can join myself and many others in achieving the hair that you’ve always desired. I explained to her that you cannot focus on one without the other, as healthy hair will grow and long hair didn’t get there damaged. She said that her hair was ‘worse than 4C’ and in that moment my heart sank to my stomach. I imaged how beautiful she is, even more so how beautiful her hair is and how I wanted to be the one to show her this beauty. It’s not our fault that we have been conditioned to think our hair is ‘BAD HAIR’ but we MUST take responsibility if not for ourselves, for our daughters, nieces, cousins and those who come after us.

We must teach them to love themselves before the world teaches them to hate themselves. Black women are the original woman and therefore can be many things, we have EVERY hair type, EVERY body type, EVERY complexion, EVERY nose, EVERY LIPS, EVERY hair color…. And we own it. Your hair is your crown Queen, so whether you want a fro that reaches for the stars or fierce buzz cut, never speak ill of your crown, TREAT YOUR CROWN and never forget it’s there at any moment in your day.


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