• Charlotte C. Louis

Thin Hair or Damaged Hair?

I get a lot of questions concerning can Crown Growth Oil reverse 'thin' hair. Most of the time Kings and Queens are looking for a definite YES or NO. Unfortunately, it would be incredibly irresponsible of me to give you that.

When you talk about thin hair you are referring to your hair's density. This means how many hair follicles you have per square inch of your scalp. So for example, my hair may appear 'thick' or dense. But the truth of the matter is, my hair is medium when it comes to density/thickness. Someone with short hair could have denser hair than I do. It is not about the hair strand itself but how many. To get a good idea of the density of your hair, examine it while wet, parting a square inch section in your head. Keep in mind density may change towards the middle/crown vs the edges.

There can be some confusion on whether you naturally have thin hair or damaged hair. The follicles per square inch may be plenty (dense) but the shafts themselves are brittle or even gone due to heat damage, chemical damage, excessive manipulation etc. YOU CANNOT CREATE NEW HAIR FOLLICLES. But you can repair your hair.

So if your hair is thinning some of the questions I would ask are, have you first seen a dermatologist/cosmetologist? Do you drink water regularly? What is your diet like? And the obvious, do you put heat on your hair regularly? How often do you chemically treat your hair? These questions are VERY IMPORTANT as no product can reverse damage alone if you are not doing your part in ensuring a healthy environment for your hair. To put things in perspective your body prioritizes where nutrients go. So if it has to choose between luxurious hair and a functioning liver, your hair will never see the limelight.

Crown Growth Oil is LOADED with nutrients vital for hair growth and will be the perfect aid in any hair maintenance routine. Do I feel Crown Growth Oil can reverse damage, create a strong and healthy environment for hair to flourish? Absolutely! But be sure that you are being consistent and maintaining healthy best practices. I hope this helps and do not hesitate to email questions or concerns you'd like to talk about here on our blog!

Queen’s Magic Hair would love to address any problems or concerns you maybe struggling with during your journey, so feel free to email us topics you’d like to discuss here on our blog. Don’t forget to like, comment and share!

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