A Strong Foundation to Your Natural Hair Care Routine

A solid routine is the key to achieving healthy and beautiful hair. Natural hair care is still a fairly new journey for most of us so let's start by identifying the 5 most important steps of a efficient natural hair care routine. They are:

1. Prepoo

2. Cleanse

3. Deep Condition

4. Moisturize

5. Seal

These 5 steps are the cornerstones of the foundation of your routine. Because the method that you use to accomplish each steps differs depending on the porosity level of your hair, establish first whether you have low, medium or high porosity hair. Now let's outline the recommended schedule of the routine.

Every Quarter Trim Ends- Get your ends trimmed and while you’re at it, pamper yourself! You’re in the salon might as well make it your home for the day and get your mani and pedi😌

Weekly-Biweekly Prepoo- Use Crown Growth Oil for this treatment. Prepooing breaks down product buildup, stimulates the scalp and encourages a healthy moisture-protein balance. The benefits also include: reverses dry scalp, reduces frizz and strengthens hair follicle. Deep Conditioning Treatment- This treatment always makes me feel like I’m leveling up for some reason. Like when I am finish I feel like I could just walk out the door like that. This treatment allows for a deeply penetrating and moisturizing experience. Mixing a small amount of Crown Growth Oil with your conditioner adds tons of nutrients and encourages a beautiful luster. Rinsing your conditioner out with cold water will smooth the hair cuticles down and brings them closer together which helps with moisture retention and is highly recommended for high porosity hair. You'll also notice more curl definition (reduces frizz).


Moisturize & Seal- Utilize the LOC/LCO where you would start with a moisturizing agent. Then seal the moisture with Crown Growth Oil and it is recommended to use our Black Seed Oil Infused Hair Butter for high porosity hair as added moisture retention.

At Least 3x Per Week Apply a small amount of Crown Growth Oil to your scalp, massage for at least 60 seconds before bed (wear a satin cap while sleep nightly).

Styling Tips Protective styles are really the best way to encourage growth from a styling perspective. Keeping your ends protected is the most important to retain length. Use caution when any style causes any unnecessary tension (tugging, tightness etc). Be gentle with your hair when detangling and brushing, coily hair is fine and should be handled with care. Keep utensil use at a minimum.

Understanding what your hair likes and keeping a consistent routine will yield the results that you are looking for. We also have a Low and High Porosity Hair Care Guides to help you along the way! We'd love your LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE!


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