Charlotte C. Louis
Owner & Founder

Charlotte C. Louis is the founder and CEO of Queen’s Magic Hair. She is also the creator of the amazing Crown Growth Oil Collection. With Haitian, Jamaican and African American ancestry/upbringing, Charlotte was encouraged to pull from what is offered by nature for self care. Her grandfather, born and raised Jamaican would support her 6-year old knack for natural remedies. It was during her tweens that she developed a hyper-focus in hair care. Her abilities were well known among her peers. While living in Charlotte, NC and attending cosmetology school, Charlotte utilized her gift in natural hair care and developed the infamous holy grail of hair oil formulas, Crown Growth Oil.

'I too suffered from dry scalp and the flaking made me very self conscious about my hair, but after tireless research, I was able to develop two incredible hair strengthening formulas that not only rid me of dry scalp but grew my hair longer than it had ever grown before!' -Charlotte C. Louis

With over 16 years in customer service and sales experience, Charlotte was confident enough to combine her resume with her natural hair expertise and products to make a full time business of helping men and women of all hair types restore the confidence they have in their hair by providing a solution to dry scalp, thinning, breakage and even balding due to traction alopecia! 

Caleb Darby, 6, is the certified cap liner manager and motivational speaker of Queen's Magic Hair. He has 6 years of experience in offering pure joy and loves being a big brother. Every bottle of Crown Growth Oil has a little bit of Caleb's joy in it!

Zola Darby,1 going on 30, is the actual chief executive officer. She ensures the cap liners work preventing leaks and helps to transport the products to our storage facility. Zola oversees all operations but her favorite role is printer duty. Every shipping label must be received and approved by her first.   

Caleb & Zola Darby
Our Team
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