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We don't want to make things more complex than they already are. So we kept our formula simple and to the point. No two ingredients acting in the same capacity but all working harmoniously together to achieve stunning hair growth. We're passionate about helping you in your natural hair journey every step of the way. 




Charlotte C. Louis is the founder of Queen’s Magic Hair and creator of the amazing Crown Growth oil. As a single mother of two, a son and daughter, living in Charlotte, NC; she started QMH in November of 2017. After struggling with dry scalp for so many years and finally developing a product that relieved her of this costly burden she was excited to share! With over 16 years in customer service and financial sales, Charlotte was confident enough in her natural hair products that she walked away from corporate america to help men and women all over the world achieve their hair goals and provide a solution to dry scalp, thinning hair and breakage. These nutrient rich formulas not only provide the for excellent hair growth but are masters at moisture retention. 

'I love helping men and women find solutions to their hair issues and the Crown Growth Collection plays a huge part in that. I'm always confident that my customers will find the results they're looking for when using Crown Growth oil'     -Charlotte C. Louis

I've learned that people will forget what you said, 
people will forget what you did, 
but people will never forget how you made them feel. 

~ Maya Angelou ~

our key ingredients are the only ingredients

The Best Nutrients For Your Crown

Preservation of nutrients is key in oil extraction. Instead of adding tons of amazing oils together we made the best out of the best using only cold pressed ingredients. This allows our ingredients to be rich in nutrients vital for hair growth. That's why our key ingredients are the only ingredients for your hair care.

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